Cold Process Soap Swap 2021!
Due date to send soaps - 15th December 2021.
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After the success of our Cold Process Soap Swap, this one is our second and we hope to spread some new year joy with the New Year’s Soap Swap. If you are participating for the first time, read on, and if you’re one of our first swappers, you know how it works.

Soapers from Pakistan send in 5 soaps to us and we swap them with 5 completely different soaps from other professional soapers and send them to you! Anyone with or without a brand can participate in the swap. No extra charges. You only pay for courier charges (300 PKR) to get 5 new soaps delivered to you.

The soap swap is a great way to engage with fellow soapers during this epidemic, learn from their skills and build a community one can rely on. You get to connect, test out 5 soaps, smell new fragrances, get fun packaging ideas and be inspired by new design techniques.

Your brand also gets a chance to be featured on our page and a lucky few will be featured on our website for the whole of 2022! So don’t miss out on the great marketing opportunity.


The basic idea of the swap is, you create 5 (approx 100g) bars of cold process soap. Then, send us your soap. We then swap the bars and send 5 new bars back to you, each made by a different soaper. The swap is free; the only thing you pay for is shipping to get your box of unique soaps back to your doorstep.


You will also be getting HNU’s very own soap bar, created by the founders for a very special cause which is close to their hearts.

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